Most Exotic Amusement Parks Around The World

Be it the kid hiding from the monsters inside his bed or the adult bearing the workload in his office, the thrill of an amusement park entices a grown up as much as it fascinates a kid.

Some get mesmerized by the fairytale scenes while others seek out for the adrenaline rush, and then there are some who pick the delight of exploring undersea over the hair-raising experience of going from 0-60 mph in three-and-a-half second. The definition of adventure varies from person to person; therefore, there is an amusement park out there for every kind of crazy. Take a look of some of the most exotic amusement parks around the world. Whether you are a thrill seeker, movie buzz or an obedient kid, our list has something for everyone.

Magic Kingdom, Florida, US

Dedicated to the world of Walt Disney, the Magic Kingdom is a paradise for every Disney lover. Every day the park attracts millions of visitors and was listed as the most visited Amusement Parks of the all the time for the sixth consecutive year in 2014. The façade of the park is similar to the Disneyland in Anaheim, California and is dedicated to the magical world of fairies and Disney tales.

Hersheypark, Pennsylvania, US

Museums, bears, rides and an insight into the history of the man behind the luscious Hershey chocolates, Milton S. Hershey; known to be a kid’s haven, Hersheypark offers you almost every leisure a visitor seek in an amusement park. Try all the pulsating rides and then jump into the world of chocolate, the place also offers a free chocolate ride tour which ends with a free sample for every visitor.

Universal’s Island of Adventure, Orlando, US

From the wizardly world of Harry Potter to the tales of Dr. Seuss’s story books, you will find the best of rides themed upon the famous children stories and delightful visuals for the visitors of all age. Universal Island is a perfect dream place for each and every kid on this planet and hub of various thrilling 3-D and water adventures.

Ferrari world, Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Home to the fastest roller coaster in the world, Formula Rossa, Ferrari World is a hub of the most thrilling rides worldwide and the perfect place to hit if you feel the adrenaline rush. Ferrari World is known to be the largest indoor theme park in the world and has a roof modeled after the icon of Ferrari GT. Sexy.

Six Flags Magic Mountains, California, US

Six Flags Magic Mountains is every adventure–seeker’s dream place, the reason being the variety of spine-chilling roller coaster it inhabits. To feel the tingling sensation of the Zero G Roll during the four-minute thrill and riding the most electrifying roller coasters, visit the Six Flags Magic Mountains on Weekdays, if you want to the unwanted crowd.

Busch Gardens, Tampa, US

A perfect place for the visitors who look out for real animals over the ones dressed as them. The park inhabits myriad of thrilling rides and attractions along with lush natural façade. The park has a heavy African theme with lots of animals like Rhinos, Elephants, Zebras, etc. along its Serengeti Wildlife Area. Busch Gardens is well acclaimed for its exquisite wildlife scenes and nausea-inducing rides.

Universal Studios, Ontario, And Hollywood, US

A must go place for all the Movie Maniacs around the world. Universal Studios, Ontario offer a day full of action-packed real movie experiences along with thrilling rides to the visitors. It is a pure bliss to see a real working movie studio and is a unique experience for the whole family. The theme is hokey, but it is real fun, Universal Studios offer exactly what a movie-goer want to experience.

Discovery Cove, Orlando, US

Discovery’s Cove is one of those exotic parks that offer an underwater walking experience to the visitors. The idea of walking inside the water and witnessing reefs, lagoons, and Fish schools is itself very unique and exciting. The park offers you one of a kind experience of playing with the dolphins, feeding birds and strolling down the ocean floor, all in one day
Even the mention of these exotic parks is enough to bring out the child sleeping inside you. If you happen to be around any of these don’t miss the chance to visit and if you are far away, don’t lose hopeHealth Fitness Articles, I am sure there might be something as thrilling waiting for you nearby.