Process and Features of Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Nowadays, charcoal is used in various sectors and has varied usage. It’s used for making hookah, fuel, barbecue carbon, activated carbon, and other items. All these products have high value in any market. The best thing is you don’t need costly raw materials to make charcoal. In fact, the day to day waste can be used to make charcoal. Due to these reasons, many businesses are checking and installing Beston Machinery’s charcoal machine for sale.

Charcoal machine is one of the best waste recycling plants that let you nix unwanted waste from the environment. As well as producing useful products, the equipment allows you to earn huge profits.

Charcoal Machine in Ukraine
Charcoal Machine in Ukraine

Common Raw Materials Used in Making Charcoal

If you look at the current status of charcoal and related products, you’ll be shocked to learn that all such items are in great demand. Also, all of these products carry high monetary value.

While the charcoal machine dispenses products of immense value, it uses really cheap raw materials. Some of the common materials used in making charcoal are wood chips, sugarcane bagasse, rice hull, sawdust, and other waste materials. All of these are actually biomass materials that can be bought at minimal rates. That’s why charcoal machine is also known as biomass pyrolysis plant.

Introduction to Charcoal Machine and Charcoal Manufacturing Process

The charcoal maker incorporates the design of multi-passage and double layer. It mainly consists of carbonization host, drier as well as other auxiliary equipment. Some of the other important parts are driving, drying, rack, flash streaming, feeding, carbonizing, discharging, cooling, and others.

To begin with, all the waste raw materials are fed into the dryer. Since wet waste is difficult to carbonize, all materials are passed through the dryer to remove moisture. Once dried, the materials are moved through the carbonizing furnace.

It’s here the main process takes place. All the materials are heated to a very high temperature, where they disintegrate into charcoal and other products. After the process of carbonization is complete, the final products are passed through a cooler, and then collected in a separate collector. Here is a sawdust charcoal making machine video for your reference.

End Products Of Charcoal Making Equipment


The resulting charcoal has high caloric value. It’s mostly used in industries as fuel that can save plenty of non-renewable energy. Also, the charcoal is a new type of heat source that you may use in homes for heating, cooking, and other uses. Charcoal has rich elements such as manganese, calcium, zinc, and nitrogen. You can use it as a fertilizer and improve the soil quality, thus increasing crop yields.

Wood vinegar

It can be used to produce food preservatives. Additionally, it’s used in sterilization and treatment of various diseases.


Tar contains over 300 chemical elements, and this is the main reason why it’s so important. It’s used in waterproofing, paint, ships, and medicine field.

Biomass Charcoals

Features of Charcoal Making Equipment

Modern charcoal makers come fully equipped with advanced features. Some of the important ones along with their benefits are detailed below.

Full automation

Unlike traditional machines, modern charcoal makers are automated plants. Everything is automatic to streamline the production process. Whether it’s feeding, drying or carbonizing, all the processes are done automatically. The operator has to just monitor the process. In the case of any problem, the machine stops and alerts the operator. Accordingly, the operator can take suitable steps to keep the machine working.


Many folks stay away from waste recycling plants due to high investment. However, Beston provides charcoal makers at really reasonable rates. If you check their current charcoal machine price, you’ll be surprised and inclined to invest in this highly profitable recycling project.

Enhanced safety

As mentioned earlier, the biochar production equipment is fully automated. No human interference is required during the recycling process. As such, any instances of mishaps and accidents are rooted out. Plus, the machine includes added safety features to avoid any possible damages and accidents.

Bottom Line

The charcoal making machine for sale is an innovative piece of equipment to recycle waste and make green energy. Automation, faster production, enhanced safety, high-quality output, low investment, etc are a few of the important features of this sophisticated waste recycling equipment. If you want to tap all these benefits, consider installing this plant and you could start booking big profits quickly.