Leading Features of Beston Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturer

Pulp molding process involves the processing of making the package materials like an egg carton, tray, coffee cup tray among others by the use of pulp molding equipment. The most common one is the paper egg tray making machine. These end products are made from the waste paper that has been recycled. It is environmentally friendly which mixes water and waste paper as the raw material in making up the finished products we have mentioned above. The machine is able to produce all that variety of pulp molding products.

Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines

Paper Pulp Molding Process

The paper pulp molding needs the complete production line just like that of egg tray making machine. This process includes the pulping, forming process and the drying process. In order to explain that below are the steps that are followed:

The first step is to mix the paper waste with the water on the hydraulic pulper. This process requires one to mix the two in a ratio of respectively. This is done so to ensure there are high-quality end products.

Integrated Pulping System

The pulp that has been made in step one is stored on the pulp pool. From there the vacuum pump will pump it onto to the pulp forming machine. At this step, the pulp will be formed by the help of the forming pulp and later be transferred onto the mold transfer. It will decide the design and scale of your production line.

The molded pulp will then undergo the process of drying. In the drying section, there are three ways in which this can be done, one is the use of natural way, two use the bricks to dry and the last method is the use of metal drying. Despite which method you may decide to use, drying at the end of it must be done.

Automatic Pulp Molding Equipment

With Beston Machinery, they have an advanced technology in which the molding can be done in an automatic way using the automatic pulp molding machine. With this equipment, it makes the pulp molding process easy and effective. The machine also becomes very easy to operate and hence improving productivity.

In order for you to achieve the various designs that you need, it is good to have various dismountable molding design. This will help you in producing products that are of different but made from the same materials. Beston is able to do this to you; their machine has already employed this technique. With them, all the processes ranging from pulp mixing and drying have been completely made easy and flexible to the user.

Leading Features of Beston Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturer

The durability of the material- all the materials that they have used in the machine does not rust so easily and hence the machine is long lasting. They have guaranteed the machine protection and productivity of it.

The machine is scientifically made and has got low failure. The designers are experienced professional and hence they have made it precise and accurate on its operation.

Modern design that is well configured- the machine is made up of various modules and the customer is able to change the pulp with the help of the Beston engineers’ guide.

Tips on Choose Reliable Pulp Molding Machine

·If you are planning to invest in this machine, you need to have some tips on how to get the best machine that will work efficiently and last for some time. You need to look at the manufactures that are reliable. Here are a few tips to look at:

·The price of the machine- an appropriate price will always assure the machine quality. A good manufacturer will set a price that is affordable and that goes with the market demand. With Beston, you are assured of the price and the quality of the machine is high.

·The success cases of the machine- look at how some people have commented about the equipment. Beston has helped more than 30 customers in these 5 years. Here is an automatic egg tray making machine to Saudi Arabia in 2019.

Egg Tray Making Machine to Saudi Arabia


The pulp molding machine can have great benefit onto you if you are an investor. The quality of the machine that you go for will always count on the quality of your product. Beston has the best deal that you can go for.